Do Not (Love) Sleep

Do Not (Love) Sleep

Moment of transparency: Battling with loving (SLEEP)
When I was in my lonely season (2019) sophomore year of college, all I did was sleep. If I wasn't in class, reading my bible, or eating, I was asleep.

In 2019 The Lord told me to ”Use my time wisely and make every moment count” I couldn't live up to that because I would only be worried about getting back in bed so that I could (sleep) but I knew the Lord was calling me for something bigger.

In 2020 (August) I have been fighting to stay awake, waking up at 5 am and staying up until 10:00 pm has been very challenging for me, again the Lord told me ”I can't work in you while you are asleep” this is because what's coming next is GREATER 🌱✨

I just want you all to know if you're ever battling with the spirit of laziness, and just fighting with your time in being productive, let this word (Proverbs 20:13) motivate you to (GET UP) and know that God understands but we have a work that needs to be done so (GET UP) and let God use you! 🌟✨💕🌱

Note: I've been consistently waking ⏰ up and staying up 🥰😘 Believe you can and you will!

Remember seasons are always changing sometimes you'll be down and sometimes you'll be up, the beauty is when you learn to navigate your life through Christ!
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