Eshet Chayil: Woman Of Valor  

Ayla Lynn is a 22-year-old, Kingdom Speaker who has dedicated her life to the Lord. She has a bachelors degree in communications with a concentration in media studies. Ayla is known for her unmatched relatability and transparency about her life experiences. She is walking in her purpose by bringing light to the biblical standard of what a modern day woman of God exemplifies. As you know, Celebrities, Infulencers, and Youtubers, are constantly influencing women on who they should be, what to wear and how to act. Ayla is beginning to walk in her purpose by breaking this dominant narrative.

Through platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook she has let God use her to help encourage others in their personal walk with Christ. She's using her past and current experiences to teach others how to find their Identity In Christ, Living an Intentional Lifestyle, and Being Single For Purpose along with other matters. 

Ayla is the Founder and CEO of a Faith-Based Beauty Company called ShopAylaLynn. ShopAylaLynn is a place where women of all nationalities are able experience quality beauty products with a touch of Jesus Christ. Her vision for the beauty company is to further advance God's kingdom through beauty products.

Ayla Lynn has been on fire for the Lord since the age of 7 years old, but it wasn't until her senior year of high school she started to understand who God really is and what he could do for her if she could just depend and trust in him. 4 years later of intimately learning who Christ is. 

March 3rd, 2020 Ayla devoted her entire being to him. She let go of entertaining men, she gave up worldly friendships, and stopped letting the world influence her into being a counterfeit of what God has called her to be. She allowed God to take control, while discovering the true identity that already lied within her. She let him define her, use her, shape and mold her. Since then, she hasn't looked back and is only moving forward striving to uplift women in the Kingdom Of God. 

Ayla Lynn, 

A Woman Of Valor called to help those build in the Christ Jesus.