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Single For Purpose E-Book

Single For Purpose E-Book

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In today’s generation, the word singleness has a negative connotation. The dominant narrative in society has been adversely teaching women subconsciously that they aren’t complete until a relationship or marriage is involved. With this mindset, many women begin to put their focus solely on enhancing their lives specifically for their partners. What if we changed the narrative? What if we taught women that their singleness is an advantage for them to spend time with Christ and to discover themselves more intimately? What if? 

Ayla Lynn shares essential truths on how to effectively spend time in singleness, what she calls a “Single For Purpose Season”. You will learn how to build a more solid foundation with Jesus Christ before you begin dating or entertaining your next relationship. Matthew 6:33 

Single For Purpose is a journey wherein women make a decision that they're going to put Christ first and separate themselves from romantic relationships for some time. This season is critical: it lays the foundation for securing a stable relationship with Christ while learning whom he’s called you to be. Ladies on this journey you will heal from any past soul ties, traumas, and insecurities while being awakened to self-awareness

Join Ayla Lynn on the Single-For-Purpose journey to find your identity in Christ, discover your purpose, and acquire knowledge that will help you excel in your times of singleness. 

Customer Reviews

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Bre shae Butler
Best Book EVER !!!

This book is a must have and gives so much incite and advice. I would recommend this book to all women, it really made me look at life in a new perspective and I have grown so much after reading. Hoping there is a new book similar to this one because it was amazing.

Sara Renderos

A very eye opening testimony. Thank you so much for sharing and letting us know we are not ALONE. GOD BLESS YOU SIS!!!!

Emiko sapp

This book is a straightforward, wisdom filled, power pact book that offers so many gems of understanding. This book is all together empowering, strategic, and encouraging! I would suggest that anyone who is interested in this book, buy it for your nieces, your sisters, your friends, and your mothers/ grandmothers! This is a book for all generations and it should be read by all!!! Such a fantastic ministry and woman of God!!! This book made a top ten!

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